At Conejo Dental Group, we believe that dentistry and orthodontics are unlike ordinary services such as alterations or home improvements. Dentistry deals with one of the most important features you have: your smile. If you need a dentist in the Newbury Park area or an orthodontist in Newbury Park, then you need to know about the expert staff at Conejo Dental Group!

In addition to providing the best dental, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics work in the Newbury Park and Thousand Oaks area, our staff works to serve you with a smile. The Conejo Dental Group offices are known for much more than being home to the best Newbury Park dentists. We enjoy a hard-earned reputation as the most honest, patient-oriented, family-friendly dental practice in the area

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If you need a Thousand Oaks orthodontist, then consider your friends here at Conejo Dental Group. Our Thousand Oaks orthodontists and dentists are highly adept and professional in serving adult patients, but also know how to put children at ease. Our dentists can have your kids smiling and laughing in no time!

If you’re a parent, you may have had bad experiences with taking your child to a Newbury Park orthodontist or Thousand Oaks dentist, but with Conejo Dental Group, those days are over. Bring the family in for a consultation or teeth cleaning and meet the friendly dentists at Newbury Park…
We look forward to seeing you!

What our patients are saying:

I first went to...

Aug 04, 2015 by Tracy Colton

I first went to Conejo Dental to have my teeth whitened. When I saw the results, it was perfect and I was so happy I switched to their clinic in no time! They are my go-to team for my regular oral check-ups and teeth maintenance. I’ve also recommended them to my family and friends and we are all proud to be partners with such a wonderful team of dentists!

With Conejo Dental...

Aug 04, 2015 by Lucas A.L.

With Conejo Dental you won’t ever feel like you’re just a patient. The staff is very friendly and they make every client feel like they’re family. They always do a job well done and they’re always genuine about caring for their patients.

I have a gap in my front...

Aug 04, 2015 by Kylie Marin

I have a gap in my front teeth and I’ve always been picked on because of it. It made me have low self-esteem until I went to Conejo Dental to have it fixed. I love how they effortlessly fixed the gap and they were also very warm and accommodating. Thanks to Conejo, I no longer have to be too conscious about my smile.

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