Dental Hygiene Treatment Newbury Park, CA

Oral & Dental Hygiene Newbury Park, CA

At Conejo Dental Group, part of our advocacy towards a sound dental care is our commitment to promoting proper dental and oral hygiene. We believe that routine cleaning and maintenance is the basis of healthy and beautiful smiles. Hence, we offer cleaning services customized on the basis of your oral and periodontal health.  During your regular visits on your dentist, the dental hygienist may clean your teeth to remove hard plaques or soft deposits on your teeth.  Your orthodontist may take x-rays and develop them for any dental concerns like tooth aches, dentures, fillings, or inlays depending on the situation that you require.  Regular dental visits are also necessary to keep records in order to track your dental health and treatment to maintain excellent oral health. Your dentist will also educate you on how you can take good care of your teeth to keep them clean all throughout.

We utilize various state-of-the-art equipment and thoroughly tested products to provide you with excellent results. To name a few, below is a list of the products we use:

  • Medicated Gels– Along with prescription mouth rinses, we apply medicated gels in problem areas through ultrasonic scalers if necessary.
  • Dental Sealants– Commonly used as part of a child’s total preventive dental care, dental sealants are thin plastic coatings which are applied to the chewing surfaces of the molars where most tooth decays occur.
  • Fluoride– Aside from tooth decay prevention, products with fluoride also helps speed remineralization as well as disrupts acid production in already erupted teeth of both children and adults.

To know more on how our experts can help you improve and maintain healthy teeth and mouth, give us a call at (805) 498-6631 and set an appointment with one of our dentists.