Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth will give you a healthy and beautiful smile.

A definite sign of healthy teeth is its color. Sparkly white teeth often indicate excellent oral hygiene and are very pleasing to look at as well. Moreover, having a set of perfectly white teeth enhances a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem. The most common whitening procedure involves a custom-made tray filled with bleaching solution that is placed tightly over the tooth. Our orthodontists will supervise the procedure and can administer a stronger bleaching solution than most OTC products that you can carry out at home. Otherwise, depending on the client’s oral condition and their preferences, we also recommend doing everything in the clinic with the proper equipment like a light or heat source that will help speed up the process.  The specialized solutions we use in our clinic are proven effective than over-the-counter whitening solutions, and this makes your teeth bleach more quickly.

Conejo Dental offers highly effective and safe whitening procedures. Before we begin a dental whitening or bleaching procedure, we conduct assessments and brief interviews with our patients for us to determine the type of procedure that best suits their teeth. Some patients have sensitive teeth, hence, the bleaching process might be too harsh or slightly painful for them.

Tooth Whitening Procedure 1
Soft transparent trays are filled
with whitening gel
Tooth Whitening Procedure 2
The trays fit tightly over your
teeth and are worn for the prescribed time
Tooth Whitening Procedure 3
The transparent trays can be worn
overnight or during the day
Tooth Whitening Procedure 4
Within the first treatment you should
notice results that will continue to
improve with additional use


We use these products for this type of treatment:
Opalescene Tooth Whitening Systems