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Welcome to Conejo Dental Group, dedicated professionals in dentistry practice. We are dedicated to providing you with an affordable, quality dental care that you deserve. Our ultimate goal is to assist each and every one of our patients in achieving and maintaining excellent dental health and beautiful smile. Our team always welcomes new and existing patients from Newbury Park and the surrounding areas.

To achieve that beautiful smile and a long-term good oral health, the first step to do is to schedule a dental appointment. Our team at Conejo Dental Group strives to make all dental treatments as comfortable as possible for all our patients. In fact, we have built our success as a family dentistry in Newbury Park with the help of our satisfied patients and their recommendations as well. From your first appointment with us, up to the day of your treatment or cleaning, you’ll find that we have a friendly and capable ambiance that our place offers. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff in Newbury Park is committed to meeting your dental needs with comprehensive care using our advanced, proven technology.

As a trusted dentist in Newbury Park, our dentists offer a comprehensive service of restorative, cosmetic and general dentistry services for young and adults alike. Our dental services are customized to meet your unique needs as well as to exceed your expectations.


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Get your first dental appointment scheduled here at Conejo Dental Group and browse through our dentistry services page. Our office provides quality general, cosmetic and orthodontic treatments all in one convenient location. We treat all patients from Newbury Park and the surrounding areas with care and professionalism.

We greatly understand that your smile’s appearance is most important to you, and our office is happy to offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry options. You can also give our dental office a call, and we’ll be glad to answer all your questions. If you need dental treatment in Newbury Park, schedule an appointment with us today. We look forward to serving you for years to come!