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Does your crooked set of teeth keep you from letting out a hearty laugh and a wide smile? Does chewing gum give you a headache? Do you find it hard to enjoy a scrumptious steak because of painful gums?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it might be time to consider seeing a Conejo Dental orthodontist in our Newbury Park office. Our company has earned a reputation throughout Newbury Park and Thousand Oaks for being the kindest, friendliest, and most professional team of orthodontists in the area. Furthermore, we are also known to be really great with children!

At Conejo Dental, we specialize in both traditional orthodontics and in the popular clear braces treatment known as Invisalign. Whether your issue is purely cosmetic or a persisting problem that causes pain and physical discomfort, we can help you get the solution you need.

Invisalign Treatments

While traditional orthodontics is still very reliable and practiced at present, Conejo Dental also offers new Invisalign treatments. Our Invisalign treatment is popular with patients of all ages, from children and teens to older adults. We make custom aligners that specifically perfectly fit your own set of pearly whites. Furthermore, they do not require any wires or metal so you can wear them conveniently anytime, anywhere you want. Our orthodontists have helped countless patients develop a smile they never thought possible through both traditional orthodontics and Invisalign technology.

If you’d like to change the way you look and feel with a friendly, family-oriented practice, give Conejo Dental a call today!


Through our years of experience in the field of dentistry we have acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in treating various oral conditions for both children and adults. More importantly, the quality of our services continuously earns great reviews and recommendations from our satisfied clients.

The following are some of the most common concerns that we have helped solve for our patients:

Protrusion of Teeth – Many people consult our expertise at Conejo Dental because of protruded teeth. Protrusion of teeth is caused by poor oral hygiene, abnormal crowding of teeth and even genetics. It can be uncomfortable and diminish a person’s confidence about their appearance. When left unattended, this condition can lead to chipping and other kinds of dental trauma. Fortunately, Conejo Dental Group can help solve this problem through our top-of-the-line Invisalign treatments and durable braces. Our highly effective treatment brings a breath-taking transformation for your pearly whites, and in turn you will forget you ever had unsightly, protruding teeth.

Crowded Teeth – Crowded teeth and improper jaw development are caused by constant thrusting of the tongue, thumb sucking and breathing through the mouth. Our Newbury Park orthodontists can give you a healthier, happier smile by creating your personal aligners and braces that perfectly address the structural condition of your teeth. By using our products, your teeth are guaranteed straightened, properly aligned and adequately spaced from each other.

Improper Bite – People with abnormally aligned teeth, speech difficulties, and facial deformities are usually the ones who exhibit under bite or overbite. An improper bite is uncomfortable and causes too much strain and stress on the jaw and facial muscles. To address this, we take dental X-rays, photographs of our client’s face at different angles and impressions of their teeth. Based on our diagnosis, we will determine whether removable retainers will help fix the problem or if extracting some of teeth is needed. Nevertheless, we are able to deliver effective dental solutions and utmost convenience to all of our clients.

General Screening Services – Our Conejo Dental orthodontists provide all-around oral treatment and maintenance to customers at Newbury Park. It has been our mission to create a happier place through helping people from all walks of life achieve the bright, perfect smile they have always dreamed of. As a concrete manifestation of our passion for excellent public service, we offer comprehensive and in-depth general screening services. This enables us to successfully assess and resolve each patient’s unique problem with their teeth and gums. From the routine dental check-ups to well executed teeth extraction to more intricate dental surgeries, we’ve got your oral health covered!
Wisdom Teeth

Otherwise known as third molars, wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to grow. Wisdom teeth usually begin to develop when a person reaches the age of 17-25. Normal wisdom teeth do not necessarily require immediate dental check-ups. On the other hand, a wisdom tooth needs to be treated if it did not erupt or grow completely, or if it is irregularly positioned and embedded in the gums and in the jaw bone. Wisdom teeth that develop abnormally need to be removed or else, it can cause extreme discomfort in the form of serious infections, cavities, tumors and even disrupt the alignment of nearby teeth.

As your leading partner in promoting oral health, Conejo Dental offers safe and meticulous surgical treatment for impacted wisdom teeth. Our licensed and professional dentists will take x-rays of your teeth and ask you questions regarding your daily oral routine, the exact time or period when your wisdom tooth erupted as well as the symptoms that you are currently experiencing. Then, we will provide medication to prepare your wisdom tooth for surgical removal. After the surgery, our team will provide instructions on how you can take care of the surgical wound to alleviate pain and protect it from being infected.

Healthy Smiles

What does your smile say about you? Let us help you radiate confidence with a healthy smile.

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