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Dental Emergencies in Newbury Park, CA

We are always told to expect the unexpected. So, knowing what to do when the unforeseen occurs can prevent other complications from arising. The same rings true for your smile. When sudden injury or dental trauma happens, it is best to understand what to do next. At Conejo Dental Group, our team of dentists does everything we can to preserve the smiles of our patients.

If you or a loved one are experiencing a dental emergency, contact our Newbury Park - Thousand Oaks dental office today! Our dentists and staff will quickly get you out of pain and on the path to optimal oral health and dental function.


What Counts as a Dental Emergency?Dental Emergencies in Newbury Park, Conejo Dental Group

An urgent dental crisis may occur due to the development of an oral health concern or through sudden dental trauma such as an impact to the mouth.


When you call to our Thousand Oaks dental practice and inform us you are experiencing a toothache, we tell you to come see us right away. Once you are at our office, one of our dentists thoroughly examines your smile and takes x-rays of the area in distress. If we find that it is a cavity-causing your pain, we provide fillings made of composite resin. This material restores the health of your teeth and does not detract from your aesthetics.

After taking the dental x-rays, one of our dentists may detect that your pulp has become compromised. In these cases, we do offer root canal therapy; however, if the tooth is severely infected, we refer out to a trusted specialist. During the root canal procedure one of our dental professionals, removes the diseased pulp, fills the inner structures of the tooth with gutta-percha, and places a crown. The restorations we provide are visually pleasing to create a uniform appearance.

If a patient’s tooth is past the point of saving and will negatively impact surrounding dental structures, Conejo Dental Group does perform extractions. While we do our best to preserve as much of your natural smile as possible, removing problematic teeth is sometimes necessary for the betterment of your oral health.

Broken Teeth

When your smile suffers a sudden impact, which damages teeth and supporting dental structures, you should call our Newbury Park dental practice immediately. We make sure to schedule you an appointment to come into our office right away and have you see one of our capable dental professionals. X-rays are then taken, and one of our dentists examines your smile to see the extent of the damage to your dental anatomy.

One of our dentists discusses with you the best treatment plan, not only for alleviating present symptoms but addressing any future concerns that may arise. We do not begin any dental services until both you and our dental professional are both comfortable and confident with the dental strategy selected.

 Experiencing dental emergency? Contact Conejo Dental Group right away! Our team of dental professionals is dedicated to the preservation of your smile. 


Healthy Smiles

What does your smile say about you? Let us help you radiate confidence with a healthy smile.

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